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 . . You have to login to view the details of this author. You may take a look at the details of these authors while you check the excerpt. AR Rahman - a world-renowned musician, composer, and film director, has emerged as one of the most influential voices of our times. Since beginning his music career in the late seventies and early eighties, AR Rahman has left an unforgettable mark in the film industry. His prodigious musical talents have earned him innumerable accolades for his contributions to film music. AR Rahman is the 'first' Indian composer. He has over 5000 compositions in his repertoire, each one of them a masterpiece. The film industry is fortunate to have worked with him. He is one of the rare composers who can compose the music for a film without watching it. In this interview, we spoke to him about music, India and its film industry, the controversies surrounding him, his upcoming projects and much more. 1. You have given us very beautiful music in very diverse mediums. You could have made a film and called it a film, and made it your music. AR: I had planned to do that when I started composing. But I stopped at that point because it was too difficult for me to create. I found that I was making compromises. I had to make changes in the music and the direction of the film. Q: You have written lyrics for Hindi and Tamil films. How do you think about it? AR: You know it is difficult for us to do both. Most of the movies made in our country are in Hindi. So, we are forced to do things in a certain way that we should not do, to create something that is not interesting, or in the best interest of the film. This is where we have to sit and think as to how we can compose the music for a film. It should be in the best interest of the film. Our film industry is dominated by Hindi and many of us are forced to do things that we should not do, or make compromises that we should not. 2. In the 80s, you composed for a film like 'Taal'. It was a joint production between Indian and overseas companies. You were the only musician on that movie. AR: Yes, the film was an Indo-German film. It had lots of Indian music, I composed over 1000 songs. We had the most talented composer in the world in Michael Kamen.



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Novel Layla Majnun Pdf 118

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